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Nicole Curtis

Powerhouse Mindset Coach

For Professional and Entrepreneurial Women


Hello Gourgeous!! I am so glad we crossed paths!! My hope while you are visiting me is that you become inspired and feel empowered to saying YES TO YOU!!!

Yes, to giving yourself the permission to step into your power and become an unstoppable woman! Yes, to discovering your voice and speaking your truth!  Yes, to taking back control of your life and deciding to live your best life!!


I’m Nicole

And I first want to say to you how AWESOME you are!!! smile Secondly, I truely believe you visiting me here is not by accident! I know deep down; to my core, that you are an incredible woman who has greatness inside of her, and it is my life’s purpose and passion to make sure you remember that, and it is my mission in life to help you see and believe it too!

What I Do

Powerhouse Mindset Coaching

Switch your Stinking Thinking to Powerhouse Thinking!!! 

Do you have a fear of failure?

Are you always trying to please others?

Are you consistantly telling yourself  your not good enough?

Do you wish you were bravery, bolder, and more confident in your life and/or business?

If so then your in the right place because I’m here to help you overcome all of this and more!!!

Through my Powerhouse Mindset process your going to overcome that critical thinking of yours and destroy your self-sobataging behaviors and habits for good!

Let me help you become an Unstoppable Woman who stands in her power, voices her truth and begins living her best life!

*Minimum 3 month contract

Powerhouse Women’s Speaker

Guest speaker at events hosted by the Client, in person or virtual option available.

When booking, a one on one call or video meeting will be scheduled to determine the event details as well as which topic will be discussed for speaking engagement.

Speaking Topics- Powerhouse Mindset Method, Developing Leadership Principles, Building Effective Relationships, Women Empowerment: Self-Permission, Self-Love, Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence!

This service includes a minimum of 20 minutes for virtual booking, and a minimum of 35 minute for in person booking.

Social Media- Facebook Coaching Package

Receive monthly personalized feedback from Kapow Media, LLC on all your Facebook Pages ( Profile, Business and/ or Groups) to help you increase your presence, status, and brand recognition so that you can successful connect your product and/or service to your ideal customer/audience. Monthly Goal Setting & Accountability included

-minimum 3 month contract required

Client Testimonials

Over the last several weeks, I've been transforming the woman who has been silencing, stuffing down emotions, and ignoring herself. I had been been telling myself "I'm happy enough" and "I should be content." But with Covid 19 brought self reflection, which shed light on the fact I was not happy and that I've been numbing and living a life that 'pays the bills' for long enough. Nicole has been brazenly coaching me exactly as I want to speak to myself. She's honest, empowering, and takes no shit. It's incredible to see myself through her perspective, a woman I've never met in person, who believes in me 100%. She's been where I am- it's empowering and motivating to see someone who's done the work and know that I can transform myself and my life just as she has. I've done quite a bit of therapy, but it always seems to have a stopping point and I've never quite been able to change my behaviors, thoughts, or beliefs. It's exhausting to focus on the old traumas over and over again and not actually change anything.


Nicole has provided so many tools that have helped me to make the leap from understanding my behaviors to actually shifting and changing them. What has been most powerful is the work I've been doing to choose who I am, my values, and how I show up in the world. Who I am is not based in what other people want from me or who they think I am. Nicole is helping me to peel back the layers of other people's expectations so that I can get back to the core of who I truly am. She's helped me to reclaim my power and rediscover my voice (that I couldn't quite hear at first, but Nicole amplified it until I was ready to listen). She's been the push that I needed to stop observing my life as an outsider and to take control to create the life that I want. It all starts with me and how I show up for myself. I am a powerful woman!

-Sarah continued

When I first started with Nicole I was in a dark place. Couldn’t look at myself with love or self worth. No confidence in myself. Feeling lost and hopeless, like I was drowning and couldn’t catch a breath. With the help, guidance, tools and encouragement from Nicole I can look at myself with love and self worth! I am more confident and empowered to be the best me I can be! She helped me to grow in my life in so many ways! I can’t thank her enough for helping me get my life back. For helping me love myself and have the confidence to move on in life and to know I am worth it every step of the way! I’m so blessed God put Nicole in my life!

– Laura

I was hesitant to commit my time, but something in me knew I had to say yes to working with Nicole. One session in, I was hooked. Nicole balances listening and challenging just enough to allow me think in ways I never did before. Nicole responds (to my rambling) with clarity. She’s helped me get out of my own way to find a happier and more confident me.

-Stacie W.

I love meeting with Nicole! She has so much knowledge and has helped me learn how to navigate the social media websites. Her encouragement, guidance, and gentle nudges are appreciated as I see my business growing. I’m halfway through my training and I’m loving every minute of it! I can’t wait to see what the second half brings!


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